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Cap Gorilla

King of the Camera Lens Cap Jungle

When it comes to housing your lens camp, Cap Gorilla is the no-nonsense, get-the-job-done solution.  Boasting injection-molded, ABS plastic, and paired with a high-quality silicone retention band for supreme strength, Cap Gorilla grabs hold and refuses to let go.  Designed to hug any lens cap size up to 100mm, the Cap Gorilla is the newest and most versatile camera lens cap holder available on the market today.

  • Injection-molded, ABS plastic.
  • High-quality silicone retention band.
  • Designed to hold any cap up to 105 mm.

Why take your chances with homemade “solutions?”  Grab hold of your lens camp – and peace of mind – with Cap Gorilla.

Cap Gorilla AL

Resilience Meets Indestructibility

Double-paned windows, bulletproof glass, armored cars – sometimes your lifestyle requires a little added protection.  While Cap Gorilla is more than successful in securely holding your camera’s lens cap, Cap Gorilla Pro AL is built specifically for the active photographer on the move.   Run, jump, dodge, and dive – and never worry about whether or not your cap or holder has the strength to take a blow.  Fashioned from aluminum and available in brushed finish or anodized black, Cap Gorilla Pro AL is as sleek as it is strong.

  • Machined from aluminum.
  • Available in brushed or anodized black finish.
  • Designed to hold any cap up to 105 mm.

With Cap Gorilla, and Cap Gorilla AL, you no longer have an excuse – or the ability to – lose or damage another camera lens cap for as long as you point and click.

One Size Holds All

Cap Gorilla, for any size lens cap up to 105mm.

Works with:

  • 49mm Lens Cap
  • 52mm Lens Cap,
  • 58mm Lens Cap,
  • 62mm Lens Cap,
  • 67mm Lens Cap, 
  • 72mm Lens Cap,
  • 77mm Lens Cap,
  • 85mm Lens Cap
  • and every size in between!


Easy Installation

Installs in minutes on most OEM camera straps, approximately 10mm wide.

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