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No more lost lens caps!

No more lost lens caps! I was forever losing my lens cap. I would stick it in my pocket then when I went to retrieve it, it was gone. Don't know how much money I have spent for replacement caps but, no more. Now with my Cap Gorilla I can keep my lens cap safe on my camera strap! I love it! And priced reasonably.

Margaret A. Justice "Hooked on Grace" - Amazon.com

One Size Holds All

Cap Gorilla, for any size lens cap up to 105mm.

Works with:

  • 49mm Lens Cap
  • 52mm Lens Cap,
  • 58mm Lens Cap,
  • 62mm Lens Cap,
  • 67mm Lens Cap, 
  • 72mm Lens Cap,
  • 77mm Lens Cap,
  • 85mm Lens Cap
  • and every size in between!


Easy Installation

Installs in minutes on most OEM camera straps, approximately 10mm wide.

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